High Risk Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is an important purchase for most drivers. There are three major reasons to buy auto insurance.

Unfortunately most insurance companies will not issue or maintain insurance for “high risk” drivers.

To protect your assets

To satisfy your lender

Are you a “High Risk” driver or “Assigned Risk” driver?


“High Risk” is typically defined as drivers who are risky to insure due to their poor driving record, their inexperience, or even their credit history.

For example, you may be considered a high risk driver if you have had multiple auto accidents.

In most states, your DUI conviction will stay with you for at least 3 years. You can expect to stay classified as high risk for at least the amount of time that your driving record shows a DUI conviction.

You are deemed an inexperienced or ''new driver'' until age 25. Typically, an insurance company will charge you more after an accident for three years after the date of the incident. State laws vary, however, on this issue, in some cases it can be as long as five or seven years.

Requiring an SR-22 filing deems you a high risk driver. As a high risk driver you need a High Risk Auto Insurance policy.

As a high risk driver you need an insurance policy that accounts for your increased potential of filing a claim.

We offer a variety of coverage to meet your specific Personal Auto Insurance needs.

Auto Insurance is required by law in most states, auto insurance provides protection to both vehicle owners and individuals who are injured or experience property damage at the hands of drivers. Auto insurance policies can be structured to cover the damages of the insured’s vehicle through comprehensive and collision coverage as well as uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. A policy must also meet the minimums of each state’s laws by providing bodily injury and property damage liability coverage that protects those who might be unintentionally injured or damaged by the insured.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?


Personal umbrella policies or a PUP is an extension of your liability insurance. It helps broaden and increase your protection. Umbrella insurance protects you in liability situations where your home, auto or boat policies come up short.



This can include significantly upping your coverage limit to relieve the financial strain of medical bills and legal fees in the event of an extremely costly accident. The extra coverage protects you by increasing the dollar limit of liability coverage for primary policies. Your agent will review your specific needs and offer coverage options for you.

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